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Improving our website

July 2015

Starting August 6, you will see a new home page.

What’s the change?

If you’ve visited us before, you currently may be automatically directed to your favorite section: Employers go here, health care professionals go there…

On August 6, you may need to choose your section from the top navigation. (Or, you could just bookmark your favorite page now.)

Why the change?

Aetna serves a lot of different customers, like members, health care professionals and employers. We also have shoppers. And we need a new home page to direct shoppers to the right place.

But I like the way things are now

We do, too. So we are working on a phase 2, which will get you where you want to go without this extra step. Phase 2 will be done by early 2016.

A new

September 2013 has a new look. But the changes are more than skin deep.

Consumers today expect a great web experience on all of their devices – smartphones, tablets and desktops. So we've designed our new website to work seamlessly on any screen.

But we've changed more than our look. We've made it easier for people to find and buy health insurance. And make smart health care decisions. You get the right information at the right time – with as few clicks or taps as possible.

What's new?

  • A ‘mega menu’ for simple, clear navigation
  • Uncluttered pages that don't overwhelm with information
  • Clear, straightforward writing that says exactly what we mean
  • A home page that remembers you on return visits

So take a look around the new site and let us know what you think.

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