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Helping health care workers feel their best

Your employees give their all. Give back — with care, service and provider network solutions customized just for the health care industry and its hardest workers.

Meeting the unique needs of health care workers

Health care employees need health care too. So our benefits focus on their unique health needs, while giving physicians and other care providers the tools to improve costs and outcomes.

Custom network strategy

You can have up to four provider network tiers with national strength and local presence, along with experience on your facility’s network needs and trends. 

Clinical care coordination

Our clinical team connects the dots of each employee and dependent’s care journey, and provides insights into engagement, health risks and network use.

Dedicated service teams

Our health advocacy team helps employees navigate care and benefits, while our account team guides your health management strategy to success.

Analytics and reporting

We keep on top of the trends — in the health care industry and in your employee base — to keep building and bringing you stronger benefits.

Custom networks to meet your goals

Custom networks to meet your goals

Our mission? To help you achieve yours. We administer the plan to help you meet your unique objectives. And our national networks are locally strong, to help you maximize in-house use and savings.

We’ve built a network strategy for you that includes: 


  • Flexible, four-tier network design
  • Deep understanding of network utilization
  • A dedicated network team and actuarial support
  • A platform for specific network customization 

High-touch care for healthier members

High-touch care for healthier members

Heath systems are taking on more and more responsibility for care management. So we offer in-house capabilities — and flexibility — to support collaborative care management models. 


Our clinical care team: 


  • Spans the care spectrum, from precertification to utilization and case management 
  • Engages employees in wellness, disease management and in-house pharmacy resources  
  • Identifies opportunities to support members in improving their health outcomes

You also have the option of your very own nurse case manager or health-care-specific chronic condition management program. Bottom line: You choose what’s best for your team. 

We're at your service

Explore health care benefits just for health care teams.

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