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Giving back to public school employees

Educators and support staff do so much for our children, their parents and the community. So lets give them a healthier, more balanced work life.

Caring in action

Caring in action

See how we’re there for school employees with day-to-day care and personalized attention to help boost productivity, lower turnover and improve classroom outcomes.

We care for them

We care for them

With the A+ for Schools Program — an in-depth, data-backed approach to understanding claims experience — you get a custom solution to build a healthier school system.  


Enhanced care management

Each employee gets a single, designated clinical team, just like having a nurse in the family.


Concierge customer service

We connect them to the right resources at the right time, like a GPS for employee benefits.


Benchmarking and reporting

Data-driven insights identify opportunities to lower medical trend and employees’ cost of care.


Optional programs

Add behavioral health, maternity management and telemedicine to enhance your health care strategy.       

We’re here for them

We’re here for them

With the School Employee Guidance Program, your staff gets personal support to manage daily challenges so they can be strong and balanced — physically and mentally.


Emotional support

When employees need help, they choose how to get it, from one-on-one counseling in person, by phone or through video.


Onsite workshops

We’ll deliver courses at your school on your choice of topic, from handling stress to preventing burnout to addressing ADHD.


Online tools

Employees can access self-support, like webinars and videos, to manage daily challenges, classroom stress, insomnia and chronic pain.

Crisis support

Our crisis consultants can coordinate support and offer onsite support to help teachers and staff recover after tragic events.


We’ve got your back

With over 1 million public school employees as members, we get their daily challenges. And we’re helping you help them.

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