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Supporting student health needs

Your students are the beating heart of your campus. So count on Aetna Student HealthSM plans to help them reach better health together and help you build a healthier higher education institution.

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Add value to your campus with Aetna Student Health

As the largest health services company in the student health industry, we excel at serving your higher education health needs, from the most basic to complex.


Students can visit campus student health centers, local hospitals and over 1.2 million providers in our national network for convenient care.


Our tailored offerings — including integrated medical and behavioral health — support students’ whole health.


We have a dedicated Chief Medical Officer and Student Health Service model serving over 400,000 members and 150 schools.


Using data analytics and benchmarking, we can review your claims and utilization trends to help keep students healthier, and costs lower.

Customized solutions just for your students

Customized solutions just for your students

We don’t create solutions for just any student, but your students. And we do this by getting to know their origins, interests, communities, peers and ambitions better, so we can deliver better support.


Your students get:

  • Healthy discounts on fitness, vision, dental care, health coaching and more
  • Day-to-day support like the 24/7 health line, open enrollment assistance and an on-campus presence
  • Digital plan tools like their Aetna® member website, Aetna HealthSM  app, digital ID card and international student resources

Care that travels with students

Care that travels with students

With On-Call International, your students can get medical assistance and information anytime around the world. From finding lost luggage to arranging for family to be there in their time of need.


The program features:

  • Core support, like medical evacuation, prescription drug replacement and repatriation services
  • Help on the go, like emergency travel arrangements, language translation or help finding lost luggage or travel documents
  • Security assistance during a natural disaster or political evacuation

An easy, seamless experience

An easy, seamless experience

From customer support to simple billing and claims administration, you’ve got support you can count on.


Our customer service teams educate your students on helpful tools and programs, and how to make the most of their benefits. And they’re always finding ways to improve, based on survey feedback. 


Our claims and administration teams deliver timely determinations of benefits and adherence to legislative policies. And they’re true specialists, with an average tenure of 15 years.


With our simplified claims process, we offer step-by-step support for an easy billing experience. We’ll simplify enrollment too, with easier file submission, faster report processing and quicker access to ID cards, coverage and student services. 

Support for students in need

Support for students in need

Though our Guardian Angel Program, we can use claims data to identify those who’ve recently survived an overdose. Then reach out with the right support.


A caring nurse or clinician will:


  • Assess mental and physical wellbeing
  • Give information on naloxone and other strategies to reduce harm
  • Direct students to in-network resources and providers
  • Work with case management to offer ongoing support and follow up, as needed

Our mission? You achieving yours.

Explore nearly 40 years of commitment serving colleges and universities. 

Legal notices

Student health insurance plans are underwritten by Aetna Life Insurance Company (Aetna). In MD and NJ, student medical insurance is underwritten by Aetna Health and Life Insurance Company (AHLIC).Self-insured plans are funded by the applicable school, with claims administration services provided by Aetna Life Insurance Company. Aetna Student HealthSM is the brand name for products and services provided by Aetna Life Insurance Company, Aetna Health and Life Insurance Company and their affiliated companies.

Policy forms issued in Missouri include: AL SH HPol-AH 02.

Policy forms issued in Oklahoma include: AL SH HCert-H 02.

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