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Women’s health and well-being

Women are the backbone of the home and your business. So give them the education, screenings and pregnancy support they need to keep going strong.

Support for high-risk pregnancies

Support for high-risk pregnancies

We’re finding pregnant members with conditions that put them and their babies at risk. And offering caring support to give them both a healthy start.


The Aetna® Maternity Management Program offers:


  • Education on preterm labor
  • Personal guidance to better control a condition
  • Our Maternity Support Center, a no-cost member website resource with personalized information for the maternity journey
  • Nurse support to manage pregnancy risks, and more

And it’s working. Our nurse program is helping to improve outcomes, reduce neonatal services and lower the high cost of care with complications.

Promoting healthy, full-term deliveries

Pregnant women may choose to induce labor early. But waiting until 39 weeks has many health advantages for mom and baby, like fewer complications and faster recoveries. We’re promoting safer deliveries through this three-part initiative:

Educate hospitals

We use best practices and benchmarks to encourage hospitals to put policies in place to prevent early deliveries. 

Educate members

We pair members with a pregnancy nurse case manager and offer education on safer elective deliveries. 

Connect members and providers

We give hospitals a quality designation in our member website directory who meet criteria for infant safety.

Breast health services and support

Breast health services and support

We cover routine mammograms for all women. But African American and Latina women face a higher risk of breast cancer. So they’ll get automated calls, in English and Spanish, that explain why early screening is important. They’re followed by a letter, too.


All women can find information about breast health care and cancer prevention, including reproductive cancers, on their member website. We also offer information about treatment options, coverage, nutrition, stress relief and more.

Saving lives through simpler genetic testing

Saving lives through simpler genetic testing

We offer both face-to-face and phone counseling for members with inherited genetic risk for cancer. So they have the information on hand to take charge of their health and consider steps to lower their risk for disease.


Providers simply order the testing through Quest Diagnostics, and members submit their family history online.


Healthy women, healthy business

Helping women be their strongest and healthiest, through every life stage.



*In order for us to cover genetic testing, members must meet our clinical criteria and their doctor must obtain precertification.

Legal notices

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