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Taking charge of diabetes

With Transform Diabetes Care 2.0, we’re giving members the tools, education and support to stick with treatment. And they’ll be able to manage their condition with success.

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Collaborating for better diabetes care

Collaborating for better diabetes care

Diabetes is one of the most common, costly and difficult to manage health conditions. And diabetes and comorbidity management programs have traditionally been one-size-fits-all. We’re changing that. Our person-first approach supports members using these five clinical intervention categories:


  • Taking the right medication
  • Adherence to medication
  • Preventive screenings
  • Lifestyle and comorbidity management
  • Monitoring blood glucose and blood pressure

Our holistic approach

We’re connecting with members through all stages of their journey — from diagnosis to monitoring to treatment — to help them live with diabetes, manage comorbid conditions and lower the barriers to getting quality, timely care.

Individualized interventions

Using advanced analytics and comprehensive member data, we identify members who need support to create a customized care experience.

Dedicated team

Members get one care team, managed by an Aetna® care manager or Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist nurse, to help them stick with treatment and healthy behaviors.

Connected devices

We help members who may benefit from blood sugar testing get the meter that works best for them. We also use glucose monitoring data to shape each member’s experience based on their needs and risks. Eligible members also get a pressure cuff to monitor blood pressure at home.

Convenient care

Members can access care that fits their needs, like 1:1 nurse support; local, face-to-face care delivery and condition support with CVS® pharmacists, and at select CVS® HealthHUBTM and MinuteClinic® locations.

CVS Health TrackerTM app

CVS Health TrackerTM app

The CVS Health Tracker app puts Aetna members in charge of their diabetes care. They can pair their glucose meter and/or blood pressure cuff, track and sync readings, and add notes. The app then makes the readings available to the program’s care team. Members can also share readings with their doctor.


The app also includes educational content and diabetes-friendly recipes to help members manage their diabetes with success.


Download the app today.


Right support, right time

Digital, personal and local support to help members manage their diabetes with success.


Note: One of our care management programs must be in place to offer Transform Diabetes Care. Your Aetna rep can tell you more.

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