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Care management when it counts

Aetna One® care management helps keep healthy employees healthy while engaging those who need the most care — when they need it most — for better health and lower costs.

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Finding and engaging members to drive health change

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Finding and engaging members to drive health change

Better health means better cost management. And our care management programs deliver — going one step further to guide members to take action based on their unique needs for a more personalized path to health.


Using a mix of data analytics and innovative solutions, we can identify members early in their health care journey. Then, we proactively engage them through their preferred channels so that we can improve their health outcomes. And lower costs for all.


The result? Members get actionable information where and when they need the most support. And you get healthier members and bigger savings — like a demonstrated 2.5:1 return on your investment.*


Reaching members where and when they want

Our care management model is built on three core strengths of care:

Caring: Personalized outreach

We’re connecting data to create deeper insights for a more personal touch — from one-on-one nurse case management to personalized communications with Aetna Advice™ — to encourage employees to take healthy actions.

Convenient: Local support

We’re leveraging local care — and breaking down barriers to care — to reach more employees at CVS Pharmacy, MinuteClinic® and HealthHub® locations.

Connected: Digital tools

We’re connecting the care experience through digital tools like the Aetna Health® mobile app, secure messaging, texting reminders and self-scheduling for certain programs to deliver a convenient experience that focuses on whole health.

Tailored care management options

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Tailored care management options

With our tiered suite of care management offerings, you get a holistic approach to physical and emotional well-being, along with the flexibility to address specific health conditions within your employee team.**


Aetna One® Essentials
Focuses on acute, episodic care and admissions prevention, and offers a cost-effective solution for major health events.


Aetna One® Flex
Helps identify potential chronic conditions before they begin and offers a single nurse for the family for acute and chronic care and an expanded care team.


Aetna One® Choice
Offers a greater clinical touch through integrated group coaching, integrated utilization management and expanded staffing. It’s all wrapped around a single-nurse model for acute and chronic care management.


Aetna One® Advocate
A high-touch, high-tech advocacy service model that combines data-driven processes with the expertise of advocates, bundles member services with clinical services to provide holistic care and includes the best of our suite of offerings.

Special support for total knee or hip replacement surgery

Preparing for a successful recovery starts with planning ahead. That’s why we offer extra support for members facing or undergoing total knee or hip replacement surgery. We know early intervention and a supported recovery are the key. Learn more about the Aetna Healing Better program and resources for your employees

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Right care, right time

Creating more personalized paths to health with Aetna One care management.



*Savings can vary by customer. Most clients see at least a 2.5:1 return on investment (ROI).

**Availability may vary. Ask your Aetna Account Representative for more information.


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