About Producer World® security & encryption

At Aetna, we understand the need to protect confidential and private information and we hope you do too. That is why we have developed a registration process that validates you as an Aetna producer to grant you access to our secure producer site, Producer World. To access Producer World, you must use a browser with 128-bit encryption. Your browser will be checked for 128-bit encryption when you start your registration. It is important to understand that despite these safeguards, no security process, ours or anyone else's, is 100% foolproof. We continually review our security processes against industry standards, modifying them as required to help protect your information.

What is encryption?
  • Encryption scrambles data into unintelligible characters based on a secret key.
  • Encryption increases the level of security for the information you send from your browser over the Internet to Producer Registration.
Most browsers support a minimum level of 40-bit encryption, as well as a stronger 128-bit encryption level. To better protect your information, the Registration application and Producer World only supports 128-bit Web browser encryption.

Aetna requires full-disk encryption on devices in order to log-in to Producer World to protect Aetna's systems and information. I agree to install and activate full-disk encryption and understand failure to do so will result in failure to continue to access Producer World.

I agree to not attempt to disable or circumvent any security or encryption features on Producer World.