Aetna Dental Insurance in Pennsylvania

Two great dental insurance plans

Aetna Individual Dental has two plans to meet your needs. They both offer coverage for:

  • Preventive care services such as cleanings and x-rays
  • Basic care such as periodontal maintenance and basic restorative work
  • Major services such as bridges, crowns, dentures and root canals

Our plan brochure describes the details and features of each plan.

Pennsylvania dental plans brochure

How are the two plans different?

The difference is the amount each plan pays for covered services. The tables in the Plan Brochure show the types of services covered and the percentage of those services paid by each plan.

Keep in mind: What the plan pays for covered out-of-network services is limited to a maximum of the plan’s payment, which is based on the negotiated, contract rate for in-network providers in a particular geographic area.

Choose any dentist

You can visit a dentist in the Aetna network (known as a participating or in-network dentist). You can also visit a dentist who is not in the network (known as a nonparticipating or out-of-network dentist).

Save money when you stay in-network

You generally pay less for services when you visit in-network dentists because the percentages you pay for the care you receive are based on discounted rates.

Check our online directory to find out if your dentist is in our network, or to find a network dentist in your area.

Search our online provider directory

In-network dentists accept the negotiated fee in full, but out-of-network dentists generally do not. This means you will pay more for their services. The dentist may bill you to make up for the difference between their standard fee and what your plan pays.

Monthly premium costs

The cost of these plans (your monthly premium) will vary based on your ZIP code.

See the dental plan costs for your area

Aetna dental insurance plans for Individuals, Families and the Self-Employed are underwritten by Aetna Life Insurance Company (Aetna). In some states, individuals may qualify as a business group of one and may be eligible for guaranteed issue, small group health plans.

This material is for information only and is not an offer or invitation to contract. Rates and benefits vary by location. Dental insurance plans contain exclusions and limitations. Providers are independent contractors and are not agents of Aetna. Provider participation may change without notice. Aetna does not provide care or guarantee access to dental services. Information is believed to be accurate as of the production date; however, it is subject to change.

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