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Words of wisdom: What to expect when working with a Medicare agent

By Aetna

Pam: When I first started researching Medicare, I realized that there were way, too many options, and I needed help.

Ann: When I meet with a client it’s to, explain to them how Medicare works, based on what their specific needs are.

Pam: Before I met with an agent, I felt overwhelmed.

Ann: Hi. How are you? Come on in. I’m Ann Bowen. Pam Lindau. Nice to meet you. Good morning. Come on in to the office.

When I meet a client for the first time, I sit down with them, go over, who their doctors are, what their medications are, what their needs are, and reassure them that we’re with them, every step of the way, till they select a plan that’s appropriate for them.

Pam: When I met Ann in person, she made me feel, a sense of relief, that I did not have to try and figure out all the options, on my own. I ended up choosing the plan, that fit my needs the best.

Ann: When I meet with a client to present plans,  there isn’t any pressure, it’s their choice. I think of a lot of my clients as friends and, my goal is to have a long term, relationship with them, and be there to help them year after year.

When Pam Lindau first qualified for Medicare benefits in 2014, she looked into coverage on her own. But after spending a few days researching Medicare online, she was still confused.

“I had a back injury,” Pam explains. “I wanted a Medicare plan that would cover the surgery I needed and all the follow-up care the surgery would require. When I tried to find that information, I discovered just how hard it can be to navigate the Medicare system.”

A friend suggested that Pam work with a Medicare insurance agent (also called a broker or advisor). Pam was hesitant at first. “Talking to a stranger about my health made me nervous,” she says. “But I knew I needed someone to help me make sense of the Medicare process.” Pam soon realized she was in good hands with Ann Bowen.

“Meeting with a Medicare agent for the first time is often a big step for people,” says Ann. “That’s why, when I meet a client, I do everything I can to make them feel comfortable.”

In a short conversation, Ann was able to learn more about Pam’s health goals and budget. She then presented several Medicare plans, including Original Medicare and some Medicare Advantage plans, that could meet those goals. For each plan, Ann made sure that Pam’s doctors and physical therapists were in network and her medications were covered.

“It’s not really about telling a client what coverage they need or selling them a particular plan,” Ann says. “It’s about giving them the information they need to make their own educated decision.”

Pam ended up choosing a Medicare Advantage plan that offered the support she needed after her back surgery. Today, she still reviews her Medicare coverage with Ann annually.

“My goal is to have a long-term relationship,” Ann says. “I see my clients year after year so I can help them update their Medicare coverage if they need it. That’s what happened with Pam, and after all these years I’m happy to count her not just as a client, but also as a friend.”

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