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Medicare enrollment milestones

Medicare enrollment milestones

Understanding Medicare enrollment periods

Turning 65 may be important when it comes to Medicare, but you’ll need to keep track of several other key dates. Learn more about the enrollment periods that cover everything from signing up for the first time to choosing a different Medicare plan.


Learn when you can enroll


Medicare sign-up penalties

Knowing when to enroll in Medicare doesn't just ensure you have coverage — it can also save you from late enrollment penalties. Over time, these extra costs can add up.


Avoid the fees

Be prepared for enrollment

Be prepared for enrollment

Ready to sign up for Medicare? Make the process easy by ensuring you have all your information and documentation organized before you sit down to sign up. Having everything mentioned in our guide will help make the process a breeze.


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You’ve enrolled in an Aetna® Medicare Advantage plan. Now what?

You’ve enrolled in an Aetna® Medicare Advantage plan. Now what?

Congratulations! Let’s learn about some important steps to take as you continue your Medicare journey with us.


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What else can I learn about Medicare?


Learn about the other stages of getting ready for Medicare enrollment. 

Stay connected to the Medicare information through each step on your eligibility path.


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