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CVS Caremark® Mail Service Pharmacy

Sign up for mail order pharmacy  


Step 1: See if your drug is available through mail order


Some drugs aren’t available through mail order. Find out if yours are.


Check your plan formulary (drug list)

Step 2: Choose how to sign up


Payment options

Let us know how you want to pay for your order. That way you can avoid processing delays. You have options such as all major credit and debit cards, electronic check and more. Call us to learn about your options.  

Mail order FAQs

CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy is our network mail order pharmacy. These mail order services are included with your pharmacy benefits and insurance. You do not pay extra for access to this service or for standard shipping.


Note: The prescription home delivery services provided by other pharmacies are not covered by your plan’s mail order benefit. These services are often provided for a fee, such as a delivery service charge.

Once we receive your order:


We’ll check to make sure we have all the information we need to process your order. We’ll contact you or your doctor if we need more information.


If your order is for a new prescription:


  • And you ordered it yourself, we’ll ship it as soon as it’s processed. Just make sure we have your payment information on file to avoid delays.
  • And your doctor gave us a script, we’ll look at whether you have used our mail service in the last 12 months. If you have, we’ll ship the order as soon as it’s processed. If you have not, we’ll need your approval to ship it.

If your order is a refill and you ordered it yourself, we’ll ship it as soon as it’s processed. Just make sure we have your payment information on file to avoid delays.


We’ll ship your prescriptions right to you. Standard shipping is no added cost.

Most mail order prescriptions arrive no more than 10 days from the time we receive your order. Call the number on your member ID card if you don't receive your drugs within this time frame.

Keep in mind: Some prescriptions require you to sign for the delivery. Call us to learn if your drug will need a signature when it’s delivered.  

Some reasons why your order may be delayed are:


  • We don’t have your payment information on file.
  • We don’t have your consent to ship the order.
  • There is severe weather that affects mail delivery.
  • Your medication has special rules, such as prior authorization. We’ll have to contact your doctor to get it.
  • Your doctor sent a new prescription. We may need your approval before shipping it to you.

Call us at the number on your member ID card to learn about your options, such as any options to get an emergency supply.

Can I manage my mail order prescriptions online?


Log in to your secure member website


You can manage your mail order prescriptions in the Aetna Pharmacy section.


Can I have my drugs delivered to an address different than my own or a temporary address?


Yes. Generally, you can choose a different shipping address. Some restrictions may apply.


Can I fill a prescription for a controlled substance by mail?


Generally, yes, but state and federal laws may apply. 


Can I return medications ordered by mail?


Generally, we can’t accept returns on drugs ordered through mail order. Some exceptions may apply. Just give us a call at the number on your member ID card to learn more.


Will I be charged a shipping fee for mail-order delivery?

Standard shipping is no added cost. If you need expedited shipping, there may be an extra fee. Call the number on your member ID card for more info.

Learn about long-term supply

Learn about long-term supply

Your plan offers a long-term supply at select retail pharmacies. Some drugs can be shipped to you through CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy. A long-term supply is:


  • Up to a 90-day prescription if you have a prescription drug plan (PDP)
  • Up to a 100-day prescription if you have a Medicare Advantage prescription drug plan (MAPD)


This may be a great option for drugs you take regularly. We call these “maintenance” drugs. They’re used to treat chronic or long-term conditions, like high blood pressure.


Talk to your doctor to see if a long-term supply is right for you.


Federal or state limitations may apply.  


Need help with Medicare enrollment?

Call a licensed agent at ${dynamicPhone} ${tty}, ${hours}.

Member Services

Aetna members have access to contact information and resources specific to their plans.


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