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The Inflation Reduction Act and Medicare

The Inflation Reduction Act is a new federal law that helps improve Medicare. It expands Medicare benefits. And it helps lower out-of-pocket drug costs.


The Inflation Reduction Act lowers costs of insulin and other drugs under Medicare.

Lower copays for insulin and vaccines


Vaccines at $0 copay


With this new law, there is a $0 copay* for most Part D vaccines at any network pharmacy. That includes the shingles vaccine.


Insulin copay limit of $35


With the new law, your copay for a month’s supply of covered insulins will be no more than $35.* That’s with Medicare Part B or Part D. Just go to any network pharmacy.


For Part B insulin, this copay limit only applies to:

  • Insulin dispensed through a pump
  • Medicare-covered durable medical equipment

These benefits apply no matter what tier the drug is on. Even if you haven’t paid your deductible yet. These copay limits apply through all coverage phases. That includes the coverage gap.


Other benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act


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