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Scheduling your annual doctor visits

Now that you have an Aetna® Medicare Advantage plan, it’s important you understand how to access the care and services you need.  


Here are a few important things that will help you get started. 


In your first 12 months of having Medicare Part B, you’re eligible for a one-time “Welcome to Medicare” visit with a doctor. There’s no charge to you for this visit. This visit will help establish your baseline health and can help catch health problems early. It includes a review of your medical and social history, a brief checkup and medication review. It ensures you’re up to date with necessary screenings, shots and other preventive services. 


Another program available at no cost to you is an annual Healthy Home Visit (HHV). This program allows a licensed Nurse Practitioner or board-certified physician to visit you in your own home. These visits can include discussions about your health, a non-invasive physical exam, medication review and discussions about health resources. These visits are also available virtually. This program doesn’t replace your relationship with your personal doctor. Instead, it helps us work with your primary care physician to manage your care. And it enables us to direct you to the health programs and services you need. 


In the years that follow your Welcome to Medicare visit, you’re eligible for an Annual Wellness Visit. This visit is free of charge if you’ve had Medicare Part B for longer than 12 months and you haven’t had a “Welcome to Medicare” or annual wellness visit within the past 12 months. This wellness visit involves some of the same preventive screenings as the “Welcome to Medicare” visit. It also includes testing for cognitive impairment, education about additional preventive services and developing a personalized prevention plan. 


Take advantage of these wellness visits. They’re a good time to catch emerging health issues early. And, if necessary, these visits can give you and your doctor the opportunity to set up long-term treatment plans. 


If you still have Medicare questions, please give us a call or visit to learn more. 

Scheduling your annual doctor visits

Annual wellness visits can help you prevent major health issues. Or they can help your doctor treat issues better when they’re found. Log in to search for doctors covered by your plan.

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