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Guidelines for using Aetna® materials

We offer a range of materials to help you sell our products. But if you need to create materials to market to your clients, these guidelines can help.


Help us protect our brand

Help us protect our brand

Your relationship with your clients is important. So if you need to create materials to market a particular product, service or rate, you can. All you need to do is follow a few guidelines to protect our brand and uphold our commitment to compliance. 


What materials need approval?


All materials — print, online and electronic pieces — that describe Aetna products, services and/or rates need our written approval before you can use them. 


Where do I send materials for approval?


Simply send all pieces you create to your Aetna representative and/or the Medicare compliance department, if applicable. 


What are some examples of materials that need approval? 


Here are examples of a few — but not all — types of materials that need approval: 


  • Promotional and descriptive materials
  • Internet copy, design and electronic transmissions representing Aetna products
  • Brochures
  • Phone directory advertisements
  • General agent carrier listings
  • Text that is scanned, cut and pasted or copied from existing Aetna materials

These guidelines are for your protection and ours. If these guidelines aren’t met, just keep in mind that we reserve the right to take any action within our rights, including, but not limited to, ending your producer agreement with us.


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Legal notices

Aetna is the brand name used for products and services provided by one or more of the Aetna group of companies, including Aetna Life Insurance Company and its affiliates (Aetna).

Health benefits and health insurance plans contain exclusions and limitations.

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