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Life Insurance

Benefits and support that add more to life

Security and support 

Life insurance from Aetna is about more than just claims. Our plans give members and their immediate family members access to a wealth of resources and support, including access to:

  • Financial planning and counseling services, as well as health and wellness discounts
  • The Accelerated Death Benefit, which can pay up to 75% of the member’s life insurance coverage with no limits on its use if the person is terminally ill
  • Legal estate documents, funeral planning and concierge services, and access to our Care Advocacy program for emotional support

Funeral planning services

Our life insurance benefits include funeral planning services through Everest, which can make things easier on your family during a stressful time.

A variety of plans

Basic Life Insurance 

Our Basic Life Insurance coverage combines flexible benefits, a simple claims process and help with financial protection.

Learn more about Basic Life Insurance

Dependent Life Insurance

For an extra level of security, our Dependent Life Insurance extends coverage to an employee’s dependents, which may include his or her spouse or domestic partner and children.

Learn more about Dependent Life Insurance

Accidental Death & Personal Loss Coverage

When the unforeseen happens, this plan can provide payments for covered losses resulting from an accident.

Learn more about Accidental Death & Personal Loss Coverage

Supplemental Life Insurance 

This option allows employees to add extra coverage to their Basic Life Insurance with no impact on an employer’s budget. 

Learn more about Supplemental Life Insurance

Supplemental Dependent Life Insurance

This is a great way for employees to expand the life insurance coverage they’ve taken out on a dependent and enjoy simplified claims processing, too.

Learn more about Supplemental Dependent Life Insurance

Supplemental Accidental Death & Personal Loss Coverage

Providing extra coverage for the unexpected — that’s what Aetna’s Supplemental Accidental Death & Personal Loss coverage is all about. 

Learn more about Supplemental Accidental Death & Personal Loss Coverage

Beneficiary Management ServicesTM Program

Under this add-on program, Aetna takes on the role of collecting and storing beneficiary information for the employer while helping those who are filing the claim to:

  • Gather the necessary claim documents
  • Submit the claims
  • Ensure prompt claim resolution

Learn more about the Beneficiary Management Services Programs

Life Insurance plans/policies are offered and/or underwritten by Aetna Life Insurance Company (Aetna).

This material is for information only and is not an offer or invitation to contract. An application must be completed to obtain coverage. Life insurance plans/policies contain exclusions and limitations. Information is believed to be accurate as of the production date; however, it is subject to change. Policy forms issued in OK include: GR-9/GR-9N and/or GR-29/GR-29N.

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A man wearing a brown blazer, red sweater, and jeans waves and smiles as he stands outside of a living room. Two women, old and young, and a man sit with papers and books in front of them at a table. The man begins speaking.

WILL: Hi. My name's Will, and I'm dead.

Will continues speaking.

WILL: I know. It's sad. But, hey, a lot of awesome people are dead. It happens. I'm fine.

Will gestures to the people sitting at the table behind him as he continues speaking.

WILL: And while my family is a bit upset, they're not stressed because when I was among the land of the living, my company made the incredibly smart move of signing up for Everest.

Will's family sits at the table, looking sad. A close-up reveals a woman's hand on a photo of Will rollerblading.

Will continues speaking.

The camera tilts up, moving through a layer of grass, where Will's family walks across to a funeral home.

WILL: If they hadn't, my family would have had to go all over town, researching funeral homes and services...

An older suited man extends his hand out behind him as he walks towards a variety of wooden caskets.

Will's family follows the man into the casket showroom, looking somber.

Quick shots reveal the man presenting various fanciful caskets, named "The Extra Elite," "The Diamond Deluxe," "The Aristocrat," "The Viking," and "The Prestige Plus."


                                                THE DIAMOND DELUXE

                                                THE ARISTOCRAT

                                                THE VIKING

                                                THE PRESTIGE PLUS

WILL: Dealing with high-pressure sales people who just want to up-sell them.

Will's family stands in the funeral home with blank expressions on their faces.

Cut to Will's family sitting in an office with the suited man as he pushes a contract towards them.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             TOTAL: 31,605.21

WILL: And having to choose from a bunch of options and packages they might not even need...

The older woman hands a credit card to the man.

WILL: All while dealing with the loss of someone very special--me.

Cut back to Will as he continues speaking.

Will continues speaking as his family sits at the table.

WILL: But with Everest, they get a funeral concierge rolled into a life insurance plan.

The young woman brings her smartphone to her ear.

WILL: You only have to talk to one person, your Everest adviser.

A woman sits at a table with a laptop open and answers her phone with a smile.

JANET: Good morning. This is Janet.

WILL: They ask you a few questions, learn exactly what you want and don't want, then negotiate directly with funeral homes so you know that your family isn't getting taken advantage of.

The young woman and Janet speak on the phone to each other.

The young woman smiles as she brings a tissue to her face.

Cut to Will's family sitting on a sofa as the women look over at the man, who has a laptop open on his lap. Will sits beside a grand piano behind them and continues speaking.

WILL: This can save you thousands of bucks.

A close-up reveals a shot of the Everest website's Pricefinder and prices of various services at different funeral homes.

ON SCREEN TEXT:             EVEREST | About Everest | Services | Pricefinder | Planning Tools

                                                Services | Lowland Mortuary | Shady Brook Mortuary | Buxton Mortuary

                                                SUB-TOTAL: $1,560 | $1,700 | $4,890

WILL: Even so, funerals aren't cheap. It can take weeks to get your life insurance payment, and funeral homes want your money now.

Will plays a piano key as the doorbell rings. The man looks up from the laptop.

Will stands behind a delivery man wearing blue. The man hands the older woman an envelope.

WILL: But if you have a plan with Everest, you can get your money immediately. Like, as little as two days. That way, you'll have everything you need in time.

The older woman closes the door on Will and smiles as she looks at the envelope. The woman walks through the living room, where a wake for Will is being held. Various people stand throughout the house wearing black. Will continues speaking.

WILL: Back when I was still alive, I didn't think much about my death. It wasn't my style. But I did want my family to be taken care of, and Everest was there to do that.

The woman speaks as she holds up a glass of champagne in a toast.

WOMAN: Thank you, Will...

Will points and speaks to the woman.

WILL: No problemo.

WOMAN: Wherever you are.

Will speaks directly to the camera.

WILL: They can't hear me.

Cut to a white screen. The blue mountain Everest logo appears in the middle of the screen above black text, then changes to the green textual Aetna logo. Small legal disclaimer information appears at the bottom of the screen.


                                                The First Nationwide

                                                Funeral Planning and

                                                Concierge Service

ON SCREEN TEXT:             aetna

                                                Access to Everest is offered with Aetna Life Insurance plans

                                                Speak to your employer or visit to learn more.