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WorkAbility Absence Management System Video



Aetna WorkAbility® offers leave administration solutions that help employers maintain compliance with federal, state and company/union leave laws and regulations, as well as manage the return-to-work process more efficiently.  With Aetna WorkAbility, employers can choose how they prefer to manage leaves.  Employers can completely self-administer, or self-administer leaves and have Aetna manage the disability component, or fully outsource leave management with Aetna. 

Today we are going to talk about our WorkAbility self-administered solution.

Leave management has lots of moving parts. Now there’s a way to manage them with one efficient system — Aetna’s WorkAbility Self-Administration.

WorkAbility software lets employers track employee absences and manage leave requests with one, state-of-the-art system that seamlessly adapts to changing laws and simplifies complex processes — 24/7.

This is Barbara* and she is requesting leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA. Let’s see how her employer uses WorkAbility to manage her request.

First, WorkAbility verifies Barbara’s eligibility. The system generates a checklist of eligibility requirements. Her employer sees that Barbara meets all requirements and that the system indicates she is eligible so far.

Barbara’s employer begins the leave management process. The first step is to send Barbara the appropriate introductory letter, documents and forms.

WorkAbility generates a standard FMLA eligibility notification letter to Barbara, and the system populates her leave information into the letter at the same time. Employers always have the option of making changes to letters before they go out.

Barbara’s leave request is new, so her employer chooses a pre-packaged new leave packet. It includes the eligibility letter, certification form, and rights and responsibilities document.

The next step is to certify Barbara’s leave request. The certification will remain pending until the employer receives back all Barbara’s paperwork.  To initiate a pending certification, her employer notes in the system the certification form mail date and when it’s due back.

Barbara returns the certification form. Her employer reviews it, enters the appropriate approval dates, notes in the system that Barbara qualifies for FMLA because her health condition requires hospitalization, and approves the leave certification.

Let’s review. Barbara submitted her request. WorkAbility verified her eligibility. Barbara’s employer created a new leave packet and sent Barbara a certification form. Barbara returned the certification form and – with her employer’s approval – took a health-related FMLA leave.

When Barbara returns to work, WorkAbility simplifies and automates the leave reporting process.

Barbara’s employer generates a standard report, in PDF format, listing all active “serious health conditions self-leaves” between certain dates.

Next, Barbara’s employer uses WorkAbility’s Ad Hoc Plus reporting tool to create a custom report to share, schedule or run on-demand.

Finally, Barbara’s employer looks at “work state” leave trends. The Ad Hoc Viewer tool makes it easy to view the right reports—securely—and without help from IT. Reports can be saved as PDFs or exported to Excel.

We’ve seen how WorkAbility provides employers with a versatile self-administration tool for employee leave requests. The software is efficient and easy to use. From initial request, to return to work and beyond—WorkAbility simplifies leave management -- creating a faster, more efficient leave management process.


*For illustrative purposes only.  Does not reflect events experienced by an actual participant.

Disability insurance plans/policies are offered and/or underwritten by Aetna Life Insurance Company (Aetna). 



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