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Oral surgery, without the hassle

Oral surgery, without the hassle

Oral surgery claims can be complex, but getting them paid doesn’t have to be. When members combine our dental and medical coverage, it’s a win-win situation.


We designed the OSCoE to handle claims and calls only related to oral surgery. Our dedicated OSCoE team is cross-trained on both dental and medical platforms for traditional and HMO plans. This ensures individual oral surgery claims are correctly processed against a member’s medical or dental coverage.


*That’s down almost 45% of claims reworked before the OSCoE launched in 2002. (Based on 2017 Aetna internal claims data.)

Simplifying the experience

For members with both our medical and dental plans, the OSCoE can help with:  

Claims made simple

Our OSCoE seamlessly handles oral surgery procedures that have services falling under both dental and medical coverage. Here’s how a member claim plays out:


  1. Laura* goes to her oral surgeon for wisdom teeth extractions and a lesion removal.

  2. Her wisdom teeth are impacted. The extractions and related services, like exam, X-rays and anesthesia, fall under her dental plan.

  3. The lesion removal is covered under her medical plan.

  4. Laura has our dental and medical coverage, so the claim is sent directly to the OSCoE.

  5. The OSCoE processes the claim correctly — the first time. And her recovery can be stress-free.

*For illustrative purposes only; does not reflect events experienced by an actual participant.


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Legal notices

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Policy forms issued in Idaho include: GR-9/GR-9N, GR-23, GR-29/GR-29N, AL HGrpPol-Dental 01.

Policy forms issued in Missouri include: AL HGrpPol-Dental 01, DM HGrpAg 01