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Here’s our solution

Here’s our solution

Aetna Dental® now covers EXPAREL®. It’s a nonaddictive, one-time injection at the surgical site that relieves pain for the first few days after impacted wisdom teeth removal. And it may reduce the need to take opioid medicine.


Since it takes special training to administer EXPAREL, we created a program to help increase awareness and use of it among oral surgeons in our network. We cover EXPAREL under all fully insured Aetna Dental plans.

dental opioid exparel

Why it matters

Our goal for 2022

dental opioid 50 percent

Our goal for 2022

Our goal is to reduce opioid prescribing for our members by 50 percent.


To reach our goal:
We’re expanding our EXPAREL program to more providers.


We’re creating a helpful resource on our provider search tool to show providers who offer EXPAREL.

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