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Let’s talk Little Red Lies™

It's time to say ‘bye ‘bye to the little red lies we’ve all heard about periods, like “oh, it’s just your hormones.” You’ll get the real deal on uterine health and how to handle polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis. Plus, tools to help you ask your doc the right questions.

It’s time to talk. Really.

It’s time to talk. Really.

“We all invalidate ourselves a lot. We’re like, oh well, that’s not a big deal. No. It is. So be comfortable talking about it.”


It can be tough to bring up “period stuff.” But if we can’t even talk about periods, how can we really talk about women’s health? So, we got a group together to talk periods, and conditions like PCOS and endo. To give their best advice on how to deal. What to ask. And how to find what works for you.


Tools to help you start talking

Check in on you

Your period can mess with your body. Think GI issues or unwanted hair. So, we gathered a list of common symptoms to help you chat about it with your doctor.

Get tips to talk to your doc

It doesn’t have to be awkward. Just answer some questions, and we’ll turn it into doctor-speak for you. So you can start a conversation and keep it flowing.


Nothing but the truth

Find straight talk on topics like endo, period pain, dealing with dating and more. Straight from women and specialists we interviewed — on topics that really matter.

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