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Supplemental health insurance plans

Medical costs and other life expenses can pop up suddenly, and often when you can least afford them. Stay prepared with our supplemental health insurance benefits.

Cash for medical and everyday expenses

Cash for medical and everyday expenses

With our supplemental health insurance benefits, you can get direct cash payments to help pay for many expenses that medical insurance doesn’t cover, like copays and coinsurance. Or you can use the cash payment for everyday expenses like your mortgage, grocery and utility bills.

< Upbeat music>

< Larry walks through door>

Larry:       00:00 I like to keep things simple and I always try to plan ahead. When it rains, I have my umbrella.

<Larry caches umbrella falling from the sky>

Family bike ride, our helmets are always on.

<Larry buckles helmet and pedals bicycle>

What if my daughter breaks an ankle playing soccer? Or my wife has an extended hospital stay? Or even if I'm diagnosed with a serious illness?

<Larry catches multiple soccer balls>

I'm not worried. I have health insurance and that's all I need, right?

<Viv’s voice appears from off screen>

Viv:                 00:24 Actually, to help you out with health expenses or any other bills, you might need some backup like supplemental health insurance.

<Larry is confused, looking for Viv’s voice>

Larry:              00:32 What's supplemental health ... Wait, do I know you? Did you know me?

Viv:                 00:37 Your employer might even cover your premium. If not, it's still reasonably priced, for the same low monthly cost of just a few of those extra large [thing-a-chinos 00:00:46] you drink every morning.


Viv:                 00:49 Supplemental health insurance pays you cash to help with your deductible, hospital charges, living expenses, or even unexpected costs when you have events that are covered under your plan, like if you or a family member gets into an accident, is diagnosed with a critical illness, or has any type of hospital stay.

<Larry looks through mail from mailbox>

Larry:              01:14 For all those expenses I pay out-of-pocket, supplemental puts money back in my pocket.

<Larry puts a check in shirt pocket>

Viv:                 01:21 Exactly. Supplemental insurance pays you in a hurry, so you-

Larry:              01:25 Can keep up with my bills and still be able to grab another extra large thing-a-chino because it's my money.

<Larry is holding an iced drink>

Viv:                 01:33 Couldn't have said it better myself.

Larry:              01:35 And supplemental insurance will give me extra peace of mind. Viv:  01:38 Boom. Mic drop.

<Larry catches mic falling from the air while still holding iced drink>

Larry:              01:40 Makes my life simple. But seriously, who are you? Where are you?

Hello? Hello?

<Larry looks for the source of the voice>

Viv:                 01:51 See how Aetna supplemental insurance can give you peace of mind.

<Aetna logo>

Larry:              01:57 Hello?

<Larry sips iced drink>

Are you a full-time employee eligible for benefits?

Are you a full-time employee eligible for benefits?

If so, learn about the different types of supplemental health insurance protection available to you.


Accident plans


These plans provide cash benefits for common services or conditions related to a covered injury that happens on or off the job.


Critical Illness plans


These plans can help you pay for everyday expenses if you’re diagnosed with a major illness.


Hospital Indemnity plans


These plans provide fixed payments for out-of-pocket medical and non-medical expenses related to a covered hospital stay.

Not eligible for benefits? You have options.

If you’re an employee who isn’t eligible for core benefits,* we offer a variety of  plans to help you take care of your health and protect your finances.

Health plans

We offer a PPO plan, Aetna MedSureSM, which meets the minimum value and minimum essential coverage requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Fixed benefits plans

These plans provide fixed cash payments to help cover some of the costs of covered services like doctor visits, hospital stays or prescriptions. You can also use these cash payments to help pay for everyday expenses. 

Dental and vision plans

Take care of your eyes and smile with our dental and vision plans, which may be available through your employer. Note that these plans are not available on the health insurance marketplace.


Want more information?

Contact your employer’s human resources department to get more benefits details.


*These employees can include non-variable hour full-time employees and variable-hour, part-time employees in most industries. 

Legal notices

Aetna is the brand name used for products and services provided by one or more of the Aetna group of companies, including Aetna Life Insurance Company and its affiliates (Aetna).


Health benefits and health insurance plans contain exclusions and limitations.


See all legal notices

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