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Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

What is an HSA?

A health savings account (HSA) is an account that you put money into to pay for qualifying out-of-pocket medical expenses.

We offer the Aetna HealthFund® Health Savings Account (HSA).* To enroll, you have to be covered by a high-deductible health plan. (And you can't be eligible for coverage under any other health plan.)

Tax advantages of an HSA

  • Tax savings. Money you put into the account can reduce your taxable income.
  • Tax-free earnings. Money you keep in your HSA earns interest tax free.
  • Tax-free spending. Money you take out to pay for qualified health care costs is never taxed.

Our calculator helps you to see the savings and tax benefits of an HSA.

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How an HSA works

  • Once enrolled, you can contribute money anytime. Take advantage of regular payroll deductions, if your employer offers these. But you can always make tax-deductible contributions yourself. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sets a limit on how much you can contribute each year.

  • Tip: Try to contribute the annual maximum if you can. This helps your health savings account grow to its fullest. And, money in your HSA rolls over year after year to use in the future.

  • Visit the doctor, hospital and other health care providers. Pay for health care expenses from your account using the debit card you'll get. You can use your HSA to pay out-of-pocket costs, including copays or coinsurance.

  • See how an HSA works

    Tip: To avoid tax penalties, pay only for qualified expenses using your HSA. Get a list of these on the IRS website.

View the IRS list

Tip: Save money by using network doctors, hospitals and other health care providers. They provide reduced rates to our members.

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Keep track of your balance. This will help you decide whether to spend or save the funds in your account. If you decide to change jobs or health plans, the account is yours to keep.

Tip: Weigh the benefits of saving or spending your HSA.

Read our examples

If you have an HSA debit card

Debit cards for tax-advantaged accounts can now be used as "debit" or "credit." To use your card as a debit card, you need a personal identification number (PIN). If you have an Aetna or PayFlex® debit card, you can call 1-888-999-0121 to receive or create a PIN. Any cards used by your spouse or dependents will use the same PIN.

*HSAs are currently not available to HMO members in Illinois and California. 

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