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Our neighborhood health story: This nonprofit is changing the way south Austin eats -  Video Transcript


Frances A.:                         00:08                    It's a hard thing when somebody comes to you and tell you, "you need to eat healthy" and, you're not able too. My name is Frances Aquina I am a community Organizer for 78745 zip code with GAVA.

Frances A.:                         00:27                    Dove Springs is a food desert. We don't have very many healthy options, because Dove Springs was kind of, a neglected neighborhood. We have worked with the corner stores so they could be able to bring more healthy items.

Estrella D:                           00:49                    The 78744 and 78745 about four or five years ago, had the statistics of having the highest childhood obesity rates. As well as, diabetes in Austin. Community Organizers from various organizations came together to create an initiative that would support working directly with families to make sure that families were no longer facing childhood obesity issues.

Frances A.:                         01:15                    In 78745, I think it's a little bit like a food swamp. Because there's too many of unhealthy things, fast food restaurants that not necessarily serve us healthy for our community. In order for us to get any healthy foods, we partnered with sustainable food centers so they could be able to bring the farm stands. We have it at the Rec Center because, that's where most of the kids go with their parents and try to have some kind of activity.

Estrella D:                           01:58                    We're seeing some beautiful increases in the level of how many people are eating more healthy. How many people are choosing healthy. When a community group comes together to work on a project or an issue, when they win. When they have that success, it really changes them.

Frances A.:                         02:16                    You know, being involved and just taking care of each other. I think that's the way to do it.