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Transcript: My health story: Capturing the moment


When I was 22 years old, I was diagnosed with synovial cell sarcoma. Cancer can be so isolating, so I have dedicated the last 25 years of my career to helping people living with cancer and people who love them.


Then 6 years ago I was diagnosed with metastatic synovial cell sarcoma. We got Aetna, and I got a call from Stephanie, my oncology case manager. She would say, “I want you to just worry about getting better,” and she would take care of it for me. It was amazing.


I made several changes when I was diagnosed. One of those was to make sure I got in front of the camera. Every day, I really work very hard to live in the moment. To enjoy everything.


I’m determined to raise my girls into adulthood. I just continue to show my daughters resilience and strength, even on the days when I don’t feel that way. I don’t think there’s anything cooler that I get to do than be a mother, so I really try to take advantage of opportunities for the girls to get to know me.


I hope that this will just be one more example of their mom being a part of something that helps other people. I have built the life that I was told I wasn’t going to have. Cancer is a diagnosis that I have, but is not who I am.


Some individuals featured in this video were paid for their appearance.