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Transcript: Positive thinking: How affirmations can help you achieve your health goals


We both used to smoke and we decided that we were going to quit. We encouraged each other to keep with it. 


When one of us was struggling, the other one seemed to be able to hold both of us up. 


My mom put love notes all over my house my whole life. I always loved quotes to encourage me and remind me.


Brittany took the lead on this. She put up inspirational quotes all over our house. Little inspirational notes to remind me don't give up, you can keep going, you can keep exercising, keep losing weight and it's incredibly inspirational to me.


Let's be honest here, he started everything. I had always had the desire to quit smoking and to diet and lose weight and stuff and I just couldn't get myself to do it. And then he just started all on his own and I was like well hey you're doing it I'll do it, too.


Yeah you were you were a rock for me, you helped me out so many times in so many ways I can't I can't count them. But I thank you for your strength.


I am very thankful that you are carrying our baby, you are going to be such a caring, loving sweet mother. I cannot wait.  I can't wait to see you with our baby. You’re gonna be great.