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Transcript: Jordan Jones


Every kid has the right to a healthy life, every single one of 'em.


There is a huge problem with obesity here in Houston, but it's mainly in the low income areas. When kids aren't taught what healthy choices are, they have health issues ahead of them. They have physical and psychological issues ahead of them.


Here at Ambassadors for Christ, AFC, we've been working with the Aetna Foundation to provide youth with healthy choices and alternatives. The kids that we work with are between the ages of 10 and 17. They come from high-risk and low-income areas.


My name's Kaylah, I'm 13 years old. When I was a kid people made fun of me because of my weight. Kaylah was a very unhappy child. She used to come home and say, Mama, I don't have any friends. That makes you cry.


Kaylah had a couple issues starting in the program, but all these kids have different situations that they have to overcome. You never know if they're comin' from an abusive home. A lot of these kids may be depressed, and so we are givin' these kids exactly what they need to live a healthier lifestyle and to overcome adversity.


Let's go Kaylah!


Having people cheer for you is like, oneof the best feelings in the world. You feel like you could just exercise all your problems away.


[Jordan Jones] I believe fitness is linked to overcoming adversity. The more work that you do, the more you could see your body change so, if they take that aspect into anything in life, the harder I work in school, or the harder I do anything, that outcome is so much better.


What I'm really trying to do is to teach them that this is not it, this isnot all that they have. They can always do better. This is Kaylah's third year at AFC, and there's been a huge change, a huge one.


[Kaylah] Now I feel like I'm losing weight, I feel good. I feel like I can basically do anything that I can set my mind to now.


Here we go, get 'em, get it!


It's great to be able to help these kids achieve their health goals. It's not gonna be overnight, we know that, but we have seen a turnaround for the positive in all the kids that have participated in this program.


[Jordan Jones] No matter where you come from, you can always live a healthier lifestyle.


And then, Harvey happened. This isthe aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. When you look at the piles of debris, these are lives that have been displaced, touched in some form or fashion. It's tough to see this, it's tough.


This is our resource and drop-in center, it is the heartbeat of AFC, in this community. This is where we do positive youth development, mentoring, counseling, tutoring.


This area has been gutted, to say the least. Extensive water damage, we were vandalized. We're looking at anywhere between $18,000 and $20,000 to get us back, and right now I don't know where that money's gonna come from. We look like we may be shut down from 60 to 90 days.


It's heartbreaking how this affects us, but more so, how it affects the kids and the community.


Ken and Sherry, we just wanted to send our greetings from the Aetna Foundation, we're checking in. Um, how have things been?


We've lost pretty much everything. It's really tough right now, because we're not able to provide the programming for the kids, and this is the time when they really need us most. And, this is definitely not a healthy place for the kids to be.


Your organization does so much. We are thrilled to be yourpartners, and as heartbreaking, and as difficult, as this time is, you both and your staff will continue to inspire the youth that you work with, but in the meantime our priority is to see your programs up and running again. We will be there with you.


Yesterday we got a call from the Aetna Foundation. What they have decided to do is fund us for all of the expenses that we're gonna incur to get back up to normal. My heart is very warm right now, just knowing that we're gonna be able to continue. How that's impacting the community and the kids. I can't wait to get started again.