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Health Condition Support Programs

Help to manage diabetes, a heart condition or migraines

As an Aetna member, you may be eligible for these special support programs.

Blood glucose monitor program

Aetna members can get a free blood glucose monitor from Abbott Diabetes Care or LifeScan. The chart below shows which test strips are used with the free monitors. If you can, use a monitor and test strips that are preferred by your plan. This may save you money on test strips.

Preferred test strips Corresponding monitors
  • FreeStyle® test strips
  • FreeStyle® Lite test strips
  • Precision Xtra™ test strips
  • FreeStyle InsuLinx® test strips
  • FreeStyle Freedom® Lite
  • FreeStyle Lite™
  • Precision Xtra™
  • FreeStyle InsuLinx®
  • OneTouch® Ultra® test strips
  • OneTouch® Verio® test strips
  • OneTouch® UltraMini®
  • OneTouch® Ultra2®
  • OneTouch® Verio® IQ

Heart Care for Life program

Heart conditions can be costly to manage and overwhelming to you and your family. With our Heart Care for Life program, we’ll help you stick to your prescribed drug regimen. And share tips and information for better heart health.

Migraine management program

Migraines can take over your life, but they don’t have to. Our migraine management program can help you manage your migraines better. And better management can lower the risk for brain scans, emergency room visits and hospital stays.


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