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Keep the calm

A little anxiety in your life is a good thing. It’s a normal part of your body’s response to stress. And it helps you act quickly when facing uncertainty or danger. But if it ever gets in the way of your daily life, you’ve always got support.


Remember, this isn’t a full picture of your mental health or a diagnosis of anxiety. Only your doctor or behavioral health provider can make a diagnosis.


Are you concerned about your mental health? Check in with your doctor right away.  

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Medicare Advantage (Part C) is typically a bundle of medical benefits that includes a network of providers. It may also include coverage for prescriptions and some benefits for dental, vision and other services.


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Could it be more than the blues? Learn more about depression and how to get help.


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A different day, a different emotion —from happy and excited to sad and tense. Get a quick read on your emotional health here. 

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