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Preventive care & your mental health

Your mental health can change from day to day. Some days may be filled with stress. Other days, smooth sailing. That’s why every day is a great day to take care of you. These preventive care resources can help you stay healthy and resilient.

What is preventive mental health?


It’s more than just preventing mental health issues. It’s about tuning in to your mental well-being and watching out for your brain’s needs. Building resilience and creating habits that nurture and support you. And living life in an authentic way that brings you joy and peace. Even in the midst of difficulties.

Check in on you

A big part of preventive care is checking in on your mental health from time to time. So why not take a moment to see how you’re feeling? Simply choose an option to get started. You’ll answer a few quick questions to get next steps for your well-being.

Your primary doctor is a great first step

So, you’re looking for ways to keep your stress levels down, and your mental health strong. Where do you turn? The first person you can talk to about your health, including your mental health, is your primary care physician (PCP). Not sure how to broach the topic with your doctor? Let’s get started.

Support for kids and teens

Support for kids and teens

We’re all navigating tough stuff. And it can be even harder for kids and teens. In fact, almost 60% of youth with major depression do not receive any mental health treatment.1


If your child is struggling or needs support, it’s important to connect with your pediatrician or family doctor. These resources can also help.

1Mental Health America. The State of Mental Health in America. Accessed November 23, 2022.  

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