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Mental health stigma

Mental health stigma

Stigma is harmful and can make a person worry or hesitate about getting help or treatment. Mental health conditions are common. Also common are some negative attitudes and beliefs about them.


Stigma is any mark of disgrace or shame that sets a person or group apart in society. It can include labels, language and attitudes. This makes it even harder for a person to get help for an addiction. Negative feelings, words or behaviors can block the path to recovery.

Mental health provider options

Mental health provider options

All mental health providers can help diagnose mental health conditions and provide treatment. However, different providers have different training and areas of specialty.


Licensed professional counselor (LPC)

This person provides therapy for mental health and social development issues. They have master’s degrees and are state regulated. You might also see a Licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC).


Licensed clinical social worker (LCSW)

This person provides therapy for mental health and daily living issues. They can also connect you to other services. They have master’s degrees and are state regulated.


Clinical psychologist (PhD, PsyD)

This person provides therapy for serious mental health and emotional health issues. They also perform psychological testing. They have doctorate degrees and are state regulated.


Clinical psychiatrist (MD)

This person provides medication management as well as focusing on detecting and treating mental health and substance issues. They have doctorate degrees and are state regulated.

Mental health treatment options

Mental health treatment options

Inpatient treatment

A break from day-to-day living to focus on your mental health treatment. You’ll live in a facility for a period of time.


Medication-assisted treatment

A combination of medication, counseling and behavioral therapies. You’ll get a whole-patient approach to treat substance misuse.


Outpatient treatment

Ability to seek treatment while going on with your daily life. You’ll visit your provider in their office or a treatment center.


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