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Learn about mental health conditions

Having a mental health condition can affect the way we think, act, or connect with others. But not everyone will look, act, or feel the same. Knowing about different conditions can make it easier for you, or a loved one, to work with your provider.

Knowing is powerful

People can have mental health problems as children or adults. But they can also get help and get better. Many people recover completely.


Let’s walk through some mental health conditions and treatment options. Learning can make it easier to help yourself or someone else.

Mental health stigma

Mental health stigma

Mental health conditions are common. Also common are some negative attitudes and beliefs about them. This is called stigma.


Stigma is any mark of disgrace or shame that sets a person or group apart in society. It can include labels, language, and attitudes. Stigma is harmful. It can make a person worry or hesitate about getting help or treatment. It can also block their path to recovery.


Learn about a national initiative to reduce stigma, and how you can be a part of it.


Dig deeper

Learn more about different conditions, symptoms, and treatments. All in one place.

Get help today

You’ve always got backup — from us, your community, and national organizations.


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