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There’s power in knowing


There’s power in knowing

You may have heard about some mental health conditions, like bipolar disorder or autism, but aren’t 100% sure what they are. Learning about them — including their signs, symptoms and treatments — can make it easier to help yourself or someone else. 

Check in on you


Everyone gets sad, anxious or distracted at times. But if these feelings keep up, or you just want a mental check-in, try one of these resources. Simply answer a few questions, and get next steps to work on your well-being. 

Support at every step

Support at every step

In this big wide world, it’s hard to believe you can feel alone. Remember, you’re not. Find all the support  available to you — from us, your community and national organizations ready to lend a hand. We’ve got your back, when you’re ready.

Friends sitting on steps outside laughing together

A better tomorrow, together

Girl playing with toys as an Aetna care manager and teacher watch

A better tomorrow, together

Everyone deserves to live emotionally happier, healthier lives — without the stigma that gets in way of care. Get involved with one of our partner organizations who are just as passionate to keep the cause strong.

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