Aetna Navigator® Registration Tour Transcript

It’s easier than ever to register for your Aetna online account.

It just takes a few minutes.

Ask Ann, our virtual assistant, will be with you every step of the way! If you get stuck or have a question, she’s there to help.

Say hello, Ann!

Once you’re done, you’ll have your health and financial information all in one place.  No more hunting through desk drawers for statements!

Ready to start?


First thing you’ll need to do is to grab your Aetna ID card.  That will have your Member ID number.

Can’t find that number? Here are some examples of where to look for it on the card.
Here's the only tricky part of the process. You have to know which of these groups you belong to:

The subscriber (also called the primary member or employee) is the person who signed up for the health plan.

A dependent is a person covered by another person's health plan. This could be a son, daughter, spouse or domestic partner.

If you are a dependent, you'll need to enter some details about the subscriber, such as the Member ID number. If you don’t have that Member ID, just use the subscriber’s Social Security number.

That was easy, right?

All right, now you’ll want to put in basic stuff, like your first and last name, your date of birth and your ZIP code.

Tips along the way will help guide you.

All set? Good! Just press CONTINUE, and you are ready to start entering your log in information. This is where you’ll decide on your user name and password.

CREATE A SECURE LOG IN (show that button)

Don’t worry if you haven’t done this before. We’ll give you plenty of hints along the way. For your user name, you’ll need at least six characters, including one letter and one number.

Your password has to be eight characters, including one letter and one number. And don’t make it too easy!

Don’t forget, you can use some symbols like @ and $.

Notice those green check marks – they mean you’re ready to go on to the next question! Just to keep things extra safe and secure for you, we’ll ask you for some security questions. We’ll keep these questions on hand  in case you ever forget your user name or  password.  Happens to the best of us, right?

Now about those security questions…you’ll want to choose one that you can easily answer.  You have a bunch to choose from.

Remember, the answers to some questions never change – the name of the street you lived on when you were born, for instance. But favorite food?  Pizza…hot dogs…chocolate brownies. This one might some day test your memory!


All right, terrific. Now you’ll just have to let us know a few personal preferences.

Which e-mail address would you like us to use?

We’ll use your e-mail to let you know about activity on your account.

We’ll also ask you whether you want to “go paperless.”  This means you’ll get your Aetna mail online. Sure, it’ll save a tree or two. But it’ll also save you time because those important pieces of information are all stored in one place – and available any time you want them.

Prefer to keep your papers coming by U.S. mail? No problem, there’s a box for that, too.


All right, you are almost there!

You’ll want to read our terms and conditions.

See something confusing?  Don’t forget Ann, our virtual assistant. She’s here to help. Just ask her a simple question and she’ll give you an answer.

OK, we’re now building your secure website.  This is where all the information you just gave us will live.

Congratulations – you’re all done. Now you can go in and check out your site. You can review your claims, look up health information, find a doctor…it’s all there and more!

Don’t have time? That’s OK. Go to when time is right for you.


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