Member Payment Estimator

Your health care costs – know before you go

Find costs for procedures, doctor’s office visits, lab tests, and surgery before you go. Compare costs from different doctors and hospitals so you can save money.

Use the Member Payment Estimator. This cost-of-care tool uses your own plan details and factors in your deductible and coinsurance.

Have an Aetna health plan? Use the Member Payment Estimator right now.

Don't have an Aetna plan yet? View the demo to see what you're missing.

How does the Member Payment Estimator work?

It’s easy. Say you’re trying to find one of the following:

  • Cost of colonoscopy
  • Cost of vaginal delivery
  • Cost of an MRI and CT scan
  • Cost of an upper GI series (endoscopy)
  • Cost of a doctor’s office visit

The Member Payment Estimator tells you:

  • How much you'll have to pay (your out-of-pocket costs)
  • How much Aetna will pay
  • How much you'll save thanks to Aetna’s negotiated rates

You will find prices for hundreds of common procedures.

And the Member Payment Estimator tells you where in your area — and in your network — you can find these services. The “network” is the doctors, hospitals and health care facilities that Aetna contracts with for reduced rates.

You can even use the Member Payment Estimator to find out what other doctors charge. Or other hospitals. Comparison charts make it easy. You can also compare costs for MRIs, CT scans and various outpatient procedures.

Real time estimates

Your estimate is based on your plan. And it factors in your deductible and coinsurance. And your copay.  That means you get personalized answers.

Related costs

You’ll get your answer as a “service bundle.” Say you’re trying to find the cost of a cesarean section. The Member Payment Estimator shows costs for the likely services that go along with the cesarean section. Anesthesia or blood work, for instance. So you’ll end up with a more complete picture of the costs.

No more sticker shock!

Member Payment Estimator lets you plan ahead so you can budget smarter for your health care.


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