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Tools & Forms

Learn about additional helpful tools and forms available to Aetna members.

Our interactive decision support tools can help you locate a doctor, find a pharmacy, make 
health benefits choices and more. Get answers to your health and financial planning questions, based on your personal input. For more decision support resources, including health care cost comparison tools, visit your secure Aetna Navigator® member website.

Member Payment Estimator

Find costs for procedures, doctor’s office visits, lab tests, and surgery before you go. Compare costs from different doctors and hospitals so you can save money.

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Money2 for HealthSM

This new service syncs with Aetna Navigator®, your secure member website, so you can make multiple health care payments to participating doctors, specialists or hospitals in one easy place.    

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Ask Ann

Ask Ann, your virtual assistant in your Aetna Navigator® secure member website is available around the clock to answer your health benefit questions. She can even help you find a doctor, estimate the cost of services, answer questions about claims, ID cards and more.

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Clinical Policy Bulletins

Find out about Aetna's guidelines and policies. Aetna uses these policies to make decisions about your health coverage. Keep in mind that actual coverage decisions are made on a case-by-case basis by Aetna.

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Find a doctor

Locate doctors and other health care professionals in your area who participate in your plan. The popular tool is updated six times a week. 

Find a pharmacy

Search by zip code, city or county. Find a pharmacy by name, one that accepts your plan or one that is open 24 hours. 

Flexible Spending Account Calculator

Calculate how much you can save by participating in a Flexible Spending Account.

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Health Savings Account Savings Calculations Tool

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is designed to help you pay for current and future medical expenses. Use the HSA Savings Calculation Tool to discover the savings opportunity and tax advantages provided by an HSA.

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Life Insurance Needs

Determine how much life insurance you need to protect your loved ones. 

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NCQA Health Plan Accreditation

Aetna is committed to the delivery of quality health care to our members.

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Personal Health Record

Our PHR is more than a place to store your health information. It may also send you health alerts and reminders to help you address your health needs.

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Quality Report Cards

Use these report cards to evaluate health plans.

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Genetic Counseling by Phone

Learn about risks for some types of genetic cancers and get support for making informed decisions about your health.

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