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Lean on us for joint support

If you have joint pain or are considering joint replacement surgery, we’re here to support you with educational resources, helpful products and a care team to guide you along the way.

It’s all on your digital support center

Find recovery tips, order products, connect with your care team and more.

Supporting you at every step

These resources can ease some of the stress and worry as you’re considering or preparing for hip or knee replacement. So you can focus on feeling your best.

Feel confident by asking the right questions

Feel confident by asking the right questions

You probably have many questions about joint replacement procedures. We’ve got your back. Just visit the digital support center to find a list of questions that you can ask your doctor, from what type of medicine you’ll be taking to how to care for your body after surgery.

Prepare for the journey ahead

Preparing for a successful recovery starts with planning ahead. Here are some things you can do today to make your experience easier. Log in to the digital support center to find even more.

Plan the basics

Prepare meals, arrange transportation and choose a physical therapist before surgery so you can focus on you after surgery.

Safeguard your home

Add a few simple fixes, like grab bars and slip-proof shower mats, to turn your home into a safe recovery space.

Stay connected

Reach out to a family member, friend or your care team for day-to-day health needs or just a shoulder to lean on.

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