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Over the past several months, you may have put off important doctor visits or other medical care. If so, you’re not alone. But your care needs to continue, especially if you’re facing a chronic condition, pregnant or feeling the emotional toll of the pandemic. Because it’s important to make time for you and make #TimeForCare.

Support for women


In addition to being Mental Health Awareness Month, May is Women’s Health Month. This year is a pivotal time to shine a light on the mental health crisis plaguing women, particularly mothers and caregivers.


Life can feel overwhelming for women right now. With COVID-19, many are working from home, where they’re faced with a “right choice trap” between taking care of family and their work obligations. They’re also being forced to put their own mental and physical health needs on the back burner.


That’s why we’re hosting free online peer support sessions. Part of our Here 4 U program, these conversations will give women, particularly mothers and caregivers, a safe space to talk about how they’re doing emotionally.


Learn more about the Here 4 U program and sign up for one of our May sessions.

Here 4 U details

Time for you and your needs


We’re here with resources and tips to help you take good care of yourself. More comfortable with a doctor’s visit by phone or video?

Learn about our telemedicine options

Keep up with your dental and vision care

Keep up with your dental and vision care

Taking care of your vision and oral health is critical to maintaining your overall health. Even if you feel fine, your vision and dental providers can often spot potential health issues before they become problems.


Why eye health matters Dental care options

Getting the right care for you — even during a pandemic

Garth Graham, MD, MPH, Vice President, Community Health & Impact, CVS Health

Getting the right care for you — even during a pandemic

By Garth Graham, MD, MPH, Vice President, Community Health & Impact, CVS Health; and Oliver T. Brooks, MD, President, National Medical Association


“We have all seen the devastating impact that COVID-19 has had in communities across the country. And as we’ve watched the case numbers and death toll rise, we’ve seen an unsurprising trend: The virus began to level a disproportionate blow to minority and underserved populations.”

Making care more affordable

Making care more affordable

Your health is important to us. So, we’re working on ways to make your care more accessible during this challenging time.


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How to keep insurance benefits after a job layoff or furlough

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Get the latest updates on every aspect of the pandemic.


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Get vaccine news, testing info and updated case counts.


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