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Keep up with your dental care — safely

You know regular dental care is important. But did you also know this is a good time to get back to your dental health routine? See below to learn why.

New safety standards

New safety standards

Dental offices have reopened with strict safety protocols in place. Providers are limiting the number of patients scheduled per day, taking temperature checks at the door, doing even more cleaning than usual between appointments and wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). If you’re concerned, you should talk to your provider to ensure they are complying with these standards.

Preventing health issues

Preventing health issues

For some people, dental visits are especially critical. Consider scheduling an exam if you:


  • Have a history of cavities or crown/bridge work
  • Wear braces
  • Have gum disease due to nicotine use, diabetes or other reasons
  • Are living with HIV, cancer or other immune-suppressing conditions

Starting school with a smile

Starting school with a smile

Conditions in young mouths can change quickly — and who wants a toothache on top of school stress? Young people’s oral health can also be impacted by risk factors such as diet, smoking, alcohol and piercings. 

The teledentistry option

The teledentistry option

If you still prefer not to visit the dentist in person, you can connect through FaceTime®, Skype® or Zoom. This allows the dentist to look into your mouth virtually and offer treatment advice and/or a prescription. Video visits are especially helpful for follow-up or emergency appointments. Any oral evaluation covered under our dental plans will be reimbursed regardless of whether it is performed virtually or in person.

Emergency? You’re covered

Emergency? You’re covered

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Aetna® will pay for emergency dental care at the in-network level regardless of where services are rendered.


To learn more about caring for your teeth during this challenging time, read our dental-related COVID-19 safety information and FAQs.

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Plan coverage terms may vary. If you are unsure of your plan’s telemedicine benefit coverage, check your member website for details. Or call the number on your ID card.


Health care decisions should always be made according to each person’s individual needs and circumstances and in consultation with providers.

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