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Program description

Aetna Compassionate Care Program

Compassion. Caring. Support.


The Aetna Compassionate Care Program is here to help you and your family through trying times.


The Aetna Compassionate Care Program offers service and support to our members. When you or a family member have a serious illness, you may face some tough decisions. Our resources can help you make choices that are best for you and your family. As an Aetna member, you have free access to these services and resources. They are included with your medical benefits.


Our Compassionate Care Program continues to evolve through its expansion of resources and services, addressing the needs of our members facing serious illness. Your Case Manager is there to assist you in identifying what will be the most beneficial to you during this time.


Case management


Our nurse case managers understand the physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs of individuals dealing with a critical illness. They are available by phone to offer support and information to you and your family. They are skilled in talking about any concerns that you or your loved one may have.

They can arrange for care and manage benefits (including Hospice coordination). They can also help you and your family find the resources you need. Finally, they can help doctors and other caregivers manage pain and symptoms. This way, your family members can live as comfortable as possible. In addition, our nurses can:

  • Make it easier to plan for advanced care
  • Promote coordination among doctors
  • Help members manage their benefits
  • Connect you to resources in your community
  • Provide support to you and your family, and any of your loved one’s caregivers, including Hospice if that becomes necessary

Advanced care planning information and tools

Our resources can help guide you as you make tough decisions. These are available through the Aetna nurse case manager or our website. You can access the following types of information:

  • Various diseases and medications used to treat them
  • Social workers who have tools for community and government resources
  • Case management that is culturally sensitive
  • Translation services for non-English speaking members
  • Advanced Illness website with caregiver resources
  • Final wishes documents

Next step

If you are an Aetna medical member and would like more information about the Aetna Compassionate Care program, please call the member services number on your ID card.

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