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Aetna Whole Health Member Video


Man:  Let’s get rolling.

Woman:  Finally on the road!

Narrator:  Your first stop to good health is your Aetna Whole Health ID card.

Woman:  Wait! Do we have the ID cards?

Man:  Dang! No.  Just kidding – they’re right here.

Woman:  Okay smart aleck. How do we use them?

Man:  They’re not complicated.  Here’s your name.  And here’s the name of our network. We have to remember that when we sign up for a primary care doctor.

Woman:  Why’s that important?

Man:  If we see docs in our network, our copays are lower and our deductible will go further.

Woman:  Makes sense…

Man:  And docs in the network are connected, so they can share information about the care we’re getting, the prescriptions we’re on, and things like that.

Woman:  So – it keeps our costs down AND keeps everyone on the same page. Sounds good to me.

Man:  Absolutely. That’s the beauty of being in Aetna Whole Health.

Woman:  Let’s get this show on the road.

GPS voice:  In a half mile, exit right onto the Aetna Whole Health Highway.

Man:  There it is…

Woman:  We’ve got the ID cards covered, but I think we should sign up for Aetna Navigator.

Man:  Is that really necessary? We just got started.

Woman:  Yes! It will help us use our new plan.   We wouldn’t go somewhere new without our GPS, right?

Man:  I guess not.

Woman:  Same thing.


Member ID…

Log-in name…

And a password to keep it secure… I’ll have to remember that!

There. Done.

You want to go next?

Man:  I did mine at the same time, right here.

Woman:  Ready to go?

Man:  Yep.

Narrator:  Don’t miss Aetna Navigator, where you’ll find tons of helpful tools and information to manage your health. Want to register right now? Pause this video and come back when you’re done.

Woman:  Hopefully, we won’t have to go there, but glad to know where it is!

Man:  Yeah, that doesn’t sound like too much fun.   Oh – let’s stop here. I want to be sure to add Doc Joe as my PCP.

Woman:  Geez, I wish Dr. Jamison hadn’t retired. I guess it’s time to find someone new.

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