Aetna Medicaid Plans

Get low-or no-cost health care

Medicaid is health care coverage for people with lower incomes, special needs or disabilities. It helps families, children and some older adults. Medicaid is offered at no or very low costs for those who qualify.

To find out if you qualify for your state’s Medicaid program, visit

Medicaid may cover:

  • Shots
  • Preventive care
  • Routine care
  • Prenatal visits
  • Checkups
  • Emergency care
  • Hospital services
  • Medicines
  • Dental
  • Vision

We manage Medicaid insurance plans in many states. We also run Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) and Medicare Advantage, behavioral health and long-term care programs in some states. Our plans go by different names in different states. They all offer the same high-quality care.

How your Aetna Medicaid plan works

The basics:

  • You pick a primary care provider (PCP) from our large list. You can pick a different PCP for each covered member in your family.
  • Go to your PCP for routine and preventive car