Supplemental Life Insurance

Supplemental Life insurance provides coverage in addition to your Basic Life coverage amount. In the event of your death, an individual (or individuals) of your choosing will receive a cash payment from Aetna. The amount of this payment is determined by your coverage amount. Both your Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance benefits may be limited, based on your basic annual earnings or the schedule of supplemental options offered by your employer. In addition, your total life insurance benefit (the combined total of your Basic Life benefit and Supplemental Life benefit) may be limited to a pre-determined dollar amount. If you do not know the exact terms of your policy, please refer to your Plan's Summary of Coverage, or contact your benefits administrator.

Not all benefit plans are available to all members. If you do not know which benefits are available through your Aetna life insurance plan, and for a complete list of exclusions and limitations, please contact your benefit administrator.

Selected plan options

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Accelerated Death Benefit

If, while covered under this program for life insurance you become terminally ill, you may request that Aetna pay an Accelerated Death Benefit (herein called ADB). You may request an ADB on your own behalf at any time by completing an Aetna Request for Accelerated Death Benefit Form and submitting it to Aetna. The form to the right provides an example of the Accelerated Death Benefit kit. If you need assistance please contact our Care Advocate at 1-773-289-1010.

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When you terminate employment or are no longer in an eligible class, or you retire, you have options available regarding your current group term life insurance.

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Premium Waiver

The Life Insurance coverage may include a Premium Waiver provision. With this provision, coverage may be continued without premium payments if you become disabled before a pre-determined age and the disability lasts for a pre-determined period of time.

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A portability feature may be available through your plan. Portability allows you to take your coverage with you if you leave the company.

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