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Manage Your Healthcare Costs

Make smart decisions about health care and what you pay

Everyone is feeling the squeeze of rising health care costs. Now, more than ever, you want to know what a doctor visit costs. How much you might pay for services, hospital stays or prescriptions. And if there’s a way to lower your costs – while having access to health care you feel good about.

Finding this information can be difficult. Understanding it can be just as hard.

That’s why we’re here with support. We’ll help you choose wisely … live well … and save a little while you’re at it.

Save time with MoneySM for Health

A simple way to make multiple health care payments in one easy place.

Member Payment Estimator

Compare cost estimates on more than 550 common services and procedures with this helpful tool.

Who is Payflex®?

Customized, easy-to-use tools and solutions designed to help manage your health care expenses.

Use your benefits, keep costs in check

Manage your plan:

Take advantage of your members-only website. Once you have an Aetna health plan, register for your Aetna Navigator website. Log in to find doctors, check claims, track health care costs and more.

Make choices that work for you:

In-network care can save you money. When you need health care, visit doctors and hospitals in the network. These health care providers have agreed to provide services at lower rates to our members. This helps you save.

Within this network, there may be certain hospitals and specialists in your area that have been put into a “special group.” They are in this group because they meet special standards for cost efficiency and some, even for quality. If you choose a provider from this special group, you can pay a lower portion of your medical costs. It all depends on your health plan and what you decide is best for you.

Use your plan features:

Wellness discounts come with your plan to help you stay healthy and save.

Keep in mind: These are value added programs and not insurance. Discount programs provide access to discounted prices and are NOT insured benefits. You are responsible for the full cost of the discounted services.

Spending accounts give you tax breaks. They let you pay for eligible expenses with money that hasn’t been taxed. We’ll show you the types of accounts available.

Get to know Aetna Pharmacy. When you do, you’ll discover convenient ways to get prescriptions filled. Plus, save on costs.


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