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Ready to enroll? Follow three easy steps

We know choosing a health plan can be overwhelming. Stress less and make your life easier by preparing early. And ask lots of questions.


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Prepare for your 2020 open enrollment period

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Prepare for your 2020 open enrollment period

1. Evaluate your current plan

Get a head start by confirming your employer's open enrollment period, marking your calendar and setting up reminders. Think about how well your current plan works for you. Look at its costs, convenience and coverage.

2. Pick a plan

Just log in to your benefits enrollment site to find all Aetna plans and programs available to you. Set aside time to review your options and compare them side by side.

3. Enroll in the Aetna plan right for you

Your new coverage starts on January 1, 2020. You'll automatically be disenrolled from your old plan when your new coverage begins.

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Get going

Download this PDF to see how Aetna can be the right health care company for you.

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Check it off

Review these 4 to-dos before you choose a health plan.


Legal notices

Aetna is the brand name used for products and services provided by one or more of the Aetna group of subsidiary companies, including Aetna Life Insurance Company and its affiliates (Aetna).

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