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Whether you’re managing a condition or just need some help staying on top of your health, we’re here for you with helpful programs and a personal touch. 

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Baby on the way? You probably have a ton of questions. So whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned veteran — we can help you have a healthy pregnancy and give your baby the best start in life.

Through our maternity program you'll get:

  • Educational materials (available in English and Spanish) on prenatal care, labor and delivery, and newborn care
  • A pregnancy survey to help determine whether a risk for certain complications exists
  • A preterm labor program to support high-risk women
  • Access to specially trained nurses for high-risk mothers-to-be
  • One-on-one counseling to help pregnant women quit smoking

We’re here for you.
Once you’re a member, call us at 1-800-272-3531 or log in to your member website at And look under “Stay Healthy.”

Learn more about women's health resources available to you


*Aetna® maternity program may not be available through your plan.

Quality health care is more than just going to the doctor once or twice a year. Sometimes, it requires personal, ongoing support to manage a health event or chronic condition. That’s where Aetna In Touch Care comes in.


Aetna In Touch Care offers you:


  • Ongoing, one-on-one phone calls with a nurse who serves as a trusted resource for you and your family
  • Digital support that provides a variety of resources to help you better manage your health
  • Customized health action plans based on your needs and preferences
**Aetna In Touch Care program may not be available through your plan.

Switching health insurance or plans can be overwhelming. We’ll help you make a smooth transition to your new Aetna plan. You can:


  • Finish treatment with a doctor who is not part of the network*
  • Transition your remaining orthodontia treatment to your new dental plan
  • Switch existing prescriptions to your new plan


*For up to 90 days. Coverage length varies by state law and by your condition. We'll let you know if your request is approved and how long it will last.


***Aetna Transition of care program may not be available through your plan.

This is not insurance.  These are additional services available with the medical plan.

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