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Care management support for individuals and families

Everyone has unique health needs. Whether you want to lower your cholesterol, are struggling with anxiety or recently received a cancer diagnosis, Aetna® has a care management team who can support you on your health journey.

The support you need

The support you need

We know that navigating your health plan can be complex. So when you reach out to us for your health needs, we may connect you with a care manager. Your care manager is a registered nurse who understands and advocates for your health and will serve as your main point of contact. They can coordinate your care, linking you to the right resources and programs. They can also educate you on diet and exercise.


Your support doesn’t end there. We offer a wider care management team — a group of experts who can help guide you and get the care you need. This team includes nurses, social workers, behavioral health specialists, pharmacists, registered dieticians, lifestyle and condition coaches, and more. You also have access to our 24-Hour Nurse Line and other digital tools. The programs and services available to you vary by your plan and employer.


Note: While only your doctor can diagnose, prescribe or give medical advice, the care management nurses and the 24 Hour Nurse Line can provide information on a variety of health topics.

Benefits support for members


The Member Advisory team provides information and resources to help you understand your benefits and make informed decisions about your care.


Learn about the Member Advisory team

Your team at a glance

How it works

Accessing care managers

There are a variety of ways to connect with a care manager. You can call the number on the back of your ID card or log in to your account at For members with certain health conditions, a care manager may reach out to you directly. We can help you find a doctor and schedule appointments and provide tips on reducing costs.

Creating your care plan

When you meet with a care manager, they start by listening to your current health issues and goals and figuring out your needs. Based on your input, they will then develop a unique care plan. This may include a variety of programs and interventions that address your health needs from a whole-body perspective. After starting the plan, your care manager will continue to work with you as the various programs allow.

“Holding your hand”

“Holding your hand”

The global pandemic has challenged us in different ways. This year, a member in her 40s with no prior history of mental health issues started to struggle with anxiety and insomnia. After experiencing panic attacks, she headed to a nearby urgent care for short-term treatment, but was unsure what to do next due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic.


The member eventually called our 24-Hour Nurse line for help and was paired with a care manager. They learned that she didn’t have a primary care doctor and helped set her up with one right away. They also helped the member connect with behavioral health resources and telehealth. By making that single phone call, the member was able to access guidance and support to get the care she needed.


Most important, the care manager continued to follow up with the member regularly to help decide the next best steps for her health journey.

Not just for serious illnesses


You don’t need to have a serious condition or accident to benefit from using a care manager. Care management is an option for every member, no matter your health needs. If you want to start an exercise program or work with a dietitian, care managers are ready to get you started on your journey. Support is just a phone call away.

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