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Mental health benefits for members

Mental health conditions like anxiety or depression can affect anyone at any time. If you need help, your Aetna® medical plan includes resources and support to help you get effective treatment so you can feel your best.

Here for you with information and support

Here for you with information and support

We all need a little help at times — whether you’re facing a mental health condition or caring for someone who is. Our Aetna Behavioral Health site offers information and support to help you whenever you’re ready. 


You can:

  • Check your emotional well-being
  •  Find caregiver support and resources
  • Watch inspirational videos and read empowering stories
  • Find healthy living tips
  • Connect with your community, and more


Visit Aetna Behavioral Health

We’re in your corner


Whatever you’re going through or however you feel, you’re not alone. You have many resources to turn to and plenty of people to count on.


Your care advocate

This person will work closely with you to support your emotional health and everyday needs, doing the legwork to help you get quality care and the high priority you deserve.


Your primary care doctor*

As an ally in your recovery, your doctor can refer you to the right specialists, discuss treatment, prescribe medicine and follow up with you throughout treatment.

Options for getting treatment


We work with top universities and research groups to learn more about how our minds and bodies work together. And we’re using what we learn to help you get safe, effective treatment.

Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy

This therapy, also known as talk therapy, is one of the main ways to treat a mental health condition. It can help you find issues that are causing problems, manage those issues and move beyond them.


Some things you can expect:


  • A therapy session can be one-on-one, in a group or with a family.
  • A psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor leads the session. They’ll ask questions, listen to you and explore options available to you.
  • Sessions can be face to face in your provider’s office, or through televideo.

If you choose televideo, you can get counseling from your home or while traveling through your computer webcam or smart device. It’s private and convenient. 

Medication therapy  


Many medications can be effective in treating conditions like depression and substance use disorders. Your doctor is trained to find the right medicine to help you manage your symptoms and feel better.


Your doctor can also:


  • Discuss your medications, how they work and why they’re important
  • Help you manage any side effects
  •  Answer questions about other possible treatments

Even if you start to feel better, it’s important to keep an open conversation with your doctor. They can help you take your medicine as prescribed, and you can work on next steps together. 

We’re here for you Helping you along your journey

Visit Aetna Behavioral Health

Check in on your emotional health and get support to help you feel better, when you’re ready.


Get support

Find mental health professionals

Search for psychiatrists, counselors, televideo providers and other support.


Find providers

Connect with your primary doctor

They’re often the first person to realize you need help, so be sure to keep in touch throughout treatment.

*In Texas, PCP is known as physician (primary care). In the State of Washington, PCP refers to primary care provider.

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