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The simple things in life

When it comes to managing your health plan, simple can make life easier. That’s why we offer the Aetna Premier Care Network (APCN) and Aetna Premier Care Network Plus (APCN Plus) plans. They can help you get the most out of your health care. And we‘ll help you reap the benefits.

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Aetna Premier Care Network

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Aetna Premier Care Network

When you choose APCN, you get quality care at nice savings. It’s simple —all you need to do is stay in your network. Through our tools, you can find specialists and hospitals that deliver high-quality care. You may even experience:


  • Lower readmission rates 
  • Fewer complications 
  • Lower costs 

Aetna Premier Care Network Plus

Aetna Premier Care Network Plus

The APCN Plus plan gives you all the same simplicity and cost savings of the APCN plan. Plus, you may also have access to an Aetna Whole Health(SM) network. This is a special network of doctors that work together as a team to coordinate your care needs. Check your enrollment materials and/or our online provider directory to see which accountable care organization (ACO) system you'll have access to. 

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