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Find a doctor, dentist or hospital

We’re bringing together trusted care for you. You get one of the largest nationwide networks of doctors, hospitals and walk-in clinics — plus the convenience of MinuteClinic® locations.

Helping you find doctors with a proven track record

Helping you find doctors with a proven track record

Finding the right doctor matters. We’ve done the work for you. Aetna Smart Compare® is a designation we give to doctors in our network. These doctors have proven time and time again that they provide high-quality, effective care. You’ll find these doctors with the label “Quality Care,” “Effective Care” or both in your search.

Your choice of providers

Flexible and convenient care options


Of course, you can use our search tools to find doctors and hospitals that take your insurance. You can also find a range of health care providers to help you care for the whole you.


Locate vision care providers, mental health professionals, virtual care options, and more. Care for your unique needs, in one place.

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