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Long-Term Disability Insurance

Monthly benefits when you can't work

If you can't work for an extended period of time due to a medical condition, long-term disability coverage can help make up lost income. And help you pay your bills.

Other important information:

  • Only certain illnesses or injuries are covered under your plan.
  • You need to miss a certain number of work days before your disability pay starts. This is called an elimination period.
  • Benefits last for a specific period of time. Your age at the time you became disabled may affect how long benefits last.
  • We may require you to undergo rehabilitation services to help you return to work.
  • Other income you have during your disability may affect the amount of your benefit.
  • The amount of disability benefits you receive is usually based on your annual salary, commissions or other forms of income from your employer, depending upon your disability plan.*

Your plan summary explains the details of your plan.

Five states have state-mandated disability plans. The states are California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island. Puerto Rico also has state-mandated disability. If you work in one of these places, you may qualify for this benefit. Check with your employer for more information.

Help to get back to work

Your long-term disability plan also may include:

  • An employee assistance program
  • Access to our experienced staff by phone or online
  • Clinical specialists who support a healthy return to work
  • A web portal that offers flexibility and convenient claims management



Talk to your benefits administrator to find out which Aetna disability insurance plans and services are available to you. 

*It is important to understand the specific definition of disability in your plan and that it may change depending on how long you are disabled. For example, some plans may pay long-term disability benefits for 24 months based on whether the employee is unable to perform his or her “own occupation.” After 24 months, the definition of disability changes and the plan pays long-term disability benefits based on whether that employee is unable to perform “any occupation.” Please read your plan summary carefully.

Not all benefit plans are available to all members. If you do not know which benefits are available through your Aetna disability plan, and for a complete list of exclusions and limitations, please contact your benefits administrator. 

Disability insurance plans/policies are offered and/or underwritten by Aetna Life Insurance Company (Aetna).

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