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Dental insurance plans for individuals and families

A healthy mouth benefits the whole body. Find the right dental insurance plans and programs.

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Aetna Dental® Direct plan for individuals

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Aetna Dental® Direct plan for individuals

You can enroll in an Aetna dental plan even if you don’t have dental insurance through your employer. With Aetna Dental Direct, you’ll get the coverage you need to keep your teeth healthy. And you don’t need to have Aetna medical or other coverage with us to qualify. Unlike discount programs, Aetna's dental plan covers preventative treatment 100% with no out of pocket cost.  Making the switch from another dental plan? While most dental plans require a waiting period for major services like crowns or root canals, if you switch from your existing comparable plan to an Aetna plan, we will waive your waiting period so you can start using your plan right away. Check to see if Aetna Dental Direct is available in your state.

Aetna® Vital Savings Dental Discount Card

Aetna® Vital Savings Dental Discount Card

With our dental discount card, you can choose from more than 248,000 available dental practices nationwide1 and make an appointment. After you see the dentist, show your discount card and you'll get instant savings – 15 percent to 50 percent off the cost of most services.* (Not available in Montana or Vermont.)


You can purchase a discount card online, by mail or by phone. Rates start at $7.99 a month.


The Aetna Vital Savings discount program is not insurance. It is not available in Montana, Vermont or Tennessee. It does not meet the Minimum Creditable Coverage requirements in Massachusetts. It gives members access to discounted fees according to schedules negotiated with providers by Aetna Life Insurance Company for Aetna Vital Savings. The amount of the discounts will vary depending on the provider and type of service or supply received. Members must make payments directly to the providers in the Aetna Vital Savings program. The program does not make any payments to providers. Aetna Life Insurance Company, 151 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT 06156, 1-877-698-4825, is the Discount Medical Plan Organization.


1According to the Aetna Enterprise Provider Database as of May 1, 2018.

*Actual costs and savings vary by provider and geographic area.

Girl brushing teeth

Your dental health affects your overall health

Exercising together helps us to build a stronger relationship

Your dental health affects your overall health

Brushing, flossing and getting regular dental checkups can help to keep your mouth healthy. But did you know that your oral health is linked to many medical conditions?

Legal notices

Aetna Dental Direct insurance plan is offered by Aetna Life Insurance Company (Aetna).

Aetna may receive a percentage of the fee you pay to the discount vendor. Aetna Vital Savings provides participants with access to a network of independent practicing providers. The availability of a particular provider cannot be guaranteed and provider network composition is subject to change. Aetna does not provide dental, medical, vision or other health care/treatment. All care is the responsibility of the treating provider, in consultation with the participant. Selection of a program provider is also the responsibility of the participant and is not based on any representations by Aetna. Program providers are solely responsible for the products and services they provide. Aetna does not endorse any vendors, products or services associated with this program.

The material is for information only. Dental insurance plans contain exclusions and limitations. Information is believed to be accurate as of the production date; however, it is subject to change.